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Connecting Corporate to the Community

FreeTruth Financial provides social impact consulting to local businesses. We also offer entrepreneurial training, business development services and connect you to other beneficial resources.  

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Create an environment where your customers and employees can thrive!

Let FreeTruth Solutions help your business increase its' social impact by building a culture of humanity that attracts and retains highly satisfied customers and employees using progressive strategies and a dynamic framework.

Show your customers you really do care! 

Become a FreeTruth CERTIFIED business! By doing so, you're showing your customers (& the FAAM) you want to invest back into them and be an active part of your community!

FreeTruth Solutions delivers social impact plans and community engagement strategies to organizations that are designed to bridge the gap between a business and the local area it serves. By becoming FreeTruth Certified, you can re-position or highlight your organization in the community as Company for Social Good.

Schedule a consultation today! Learn more about how you can take action to increase the social impact of yor business. FreeTruth will create a customized training package and plan to strategically invest back into your customers and community!

Measure and increase the social impact of your company!



Customized Workshops for business owners, employees, and soloprenuers



Includes all assessments and trainings to obtain FreeTruth Certification



Social Impact Assessment

Civic + Community Engagement Training Packages

FreeTruth Certification Package

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