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Be Free. Live True.
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The FreeTruth Movement's Mission is to increase  the number of civically engaged and economically empowered communities by building a culture of humanity through increased civic and financial education, as well as exposure to globally diverse experiences that unveil and dismantle the system of oppression for us all.

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Financial Education & Social Network Platform

FreeTruth's FAAAM app is a financial education mobile game and social networking marketplace platform designed to help users achieve financial freedom. 

FAAAM will utilize machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to generate customized goals, tasks and marketplace rewards for users. Users will also have access to a virtual finance coach, savings account, and microloans.



community RoadmapS

Roadmaps collectively lead the way to civic truth and financial freedom. We want to unify and educate each other to increase financial literacy and wealth in our communities. 

A roadmap is a collection of historical, civic, and financial experiences and resources compiled and constantly updated by the community.



COMMUNITY Investment Funds

Small, low-risk, investments in real estate, small businesses and non-profits with quick returns.

Ex. Invest $15 towards the Affordable Housing CIF and receive $5 a month for 12 months in passive income. Your $15 made your $45 and you didn't have to lift a finger. That's a 75% annual return!


The more you invest, the higher your return. Let your money make more money.


What We Do

Our Philosophy








Ignite the past, discover your history, and create your legacy. 

FreeTruth believes that if you are able to learn about your past, it will ignite your intrinsic motivation to make a better future for yourself and others. If you are able to discover your history, you will have a better sense of self, of where you come from and decide how to move forward. This will help you create the legacy you want to leave for your family and the world. 

Ignite. Connect. Evolve.

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