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Live Free. Be True.

Side Hustle Sundays
Financial Freedom Series
FreeTruth Academy

FreeTruth Financial equips communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools to break cycles of poverty, build a legacy, and create wealth through financial education and entrepreneurial exposure. 

We train the next generation of wealth builders, business owners, and investors to #SecureTheBag and live your best life by providing education, training, and access to capital.

FreeTruth's mission is for everyone to live financially free and be true to your authentic self. We strive to increase the number of civically engaged and economically empowered communities through the unique lens of self-awareness, self-love, and self-growth.

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FreeTruth is for you if want to: 

  • Change your money mindset

  • Meet and learn with like-minded people (while having fun!)

  • Increase your financial literacy

  • Start investing or start a business

  • Grow your idea or your side hustle

  • Stop feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps 


We build community, learn together, and provide tools to help you #SecureTheBag and live our best lives!


That simply means adopting a new money mindset, improving your financial literacy and investing wisely to increase your coins!


  • SideHustle/Soulful Sundays

  • #SecureTheBag Accelerator

  • Financial Freedom Series

Upcoming: ​

  • Real Estate Community Tours

  • Finance Fridays - #GameNight

  • Werk & Twerks 

The monthly study group for your side hustle! A chill meet-up to co-work alongside like-minded, motivated individuals who are all working toward the goal of financial freedom.


Whether it's starting a business or a blog, writing a book or creating a movement, this space is created intentionally for those who never set aside time to do what really needs to get done to move your project forward.


Do you have a business idea or 5? Stuck in a rut or just need to talk through some ideas? Join us for Side Hustle Sundays!

Side Hustle Sundays

#SecureTheBag Accelerator

Sign up if you want to: 

  • Improve your financial literacy

  • Learn to budget, save and invest

  • Discover resources and access to capital to start a business

  • Develop and pitch a business idea

  • Win prize money to launch your business idea!


Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Not having enough money to do what you want? 

...Or do you have a business idea & no clue how to get started?

Start your Journey to Financal Freedom Today!

#SecureTheBag Accelerator

#SecureTheBag is a 3-day financial literacy and entrepreneurship retreat that concludes with a crowd-funded pitch competition for under-resourced communities.

Our program turns 25 participants into Financial Freedom Fighters, on the path to living their best lives!  FreeTruth Financial will provide a rigorous curriculum, real-world experience and immersive learning opportunities to transform your money mindset and take your ideas from concept to conception.

 #SecureTheBag focuses on financial literacy and personal development to get your life on track and live the life you want. We operate on accelerated learning, action, and implementation. Success looks like long-term behavioral changes in mindset, motivation, and money management.


Our 3-Day Accelerator dives deep into financial literacy: saving, investing, and income generation through the lens of self-love, self-awareness, and self-growth. Our participants use the knowledge gained, to develop & pitch their business plan to win seed funding!


The program concludes with the top 3-5 ideas being advanced to the pitch competition to compete for the grand prize! Also on site, is our Investor's Marketplace: a place for participants and community members to showcase their businesses and business ideas.

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Great Idea? Have A Question? Want to partner?  Drop us a message! 

If registering for #SecureTheBag please use "Accelerator" as the subject

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