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Why DJ Khaled is a Brand Marketing Black Unicorn (Father of Asahd)

A Black Unicorn "symbolizes strength and power and that it can lead someone towards obtaining their a black unicorn can overcome barriers and push forward to a desirable, powerful life."

When I see DJ Khaled, the first thing I always find myself asking what the F*CK does he actually do?! And I'm always reminded that he is the epitome of what I want to do with my life. I've always admired his ability produce & release a track featuring major artists & he only says about 3 words on the track..... #WeTheBest #AnotherOne Then I realized he does all the work behind-the-scenes. Connecting, collaborating, innovating--the ultimate business man.

FreeTruth Financial has a unique take on financial literacy & economic empowerment. We believe self-love, self-awareness and self-growth are the keys to achieiving financial freedom. You have to understand why you're here, where you came from, what your gift is & that you should share it with the world. That's how passion + purpose merges to create profit. It allows you to use your purpose to create a sustainable & fulfilling life. To #LifeYourBestLife

Your Purpose

I've always struggled with what my gift for the world was or my purpose in life and the only thing I come back to is: to inspire. to educate. to build community. And that's what DJ Khaled does. He puts his crew on, he connects people from totally different genres & makes a freaking banger i.e. Holy Mountain i.e. Higher. In every video, he uses his platform to highlight and showcase his & his friends' businesses. i.e. Ciroc - Diddy, MMG, Belaire, & more...Like why not put your people on? Why not #SecureTheBag together? His brand marketing blueprint is solid.

Your Platform

On another note, I also always find myself asking "What the F*UCK is he talking about? Especially when he starts rambling all philosphically and what not. After a moment, I understand that it's his way of educating, inspiring, motivating his audience (i.e. You Stay, Jealous) J.Lo is a great mentor and you need friends that keep it 100% with you & push you to reach your full potential. He preaches self-love, positivity & the power of community. That's his platform.

Your Passion

I used to sleep on DJ Khaled & TBH I still think he's pretty corny, but that's exactly what makes who he is. He lives in his truth which allows him to be free and chase his dreams. He's passionate about what he does. You don't have to like it; but when you're true to yourself, success comes your way. People will sleep your abilities and potential, but always want to be in your presence. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, DJ Khaled is a fucking genius & a great role model for our community.

Shanelle <3

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